Featured Products

The stars are always willing to take a photo and have a chat, so why not pop down, they will even value your item for free.

We offer a huge range of items in our store, from the unusual to the new.

We are now starting to stock some great new products, for all your electrical requirements to new scooters and children’s bikes and toys, we have the lot.

It’s just like an Aladdin’s cave.

The one thing about Regal Pawn is that you are sure to get good value for money and all of our products are competitively priced.

We now offer for the first time a “a price match guarantee”, that is to say if you find the same item anywhere else in store, we will match it.

Regal Pawn is part of the “Regal Empire” group and the company is headed by Ms Kelly Cooke, a true entreprenuer with skills learnt from her many years within the UK banking industry.

Mark Manning, one of the “Pawn Stars” is still the face of Regal Pawn.

He is still the star of the show but has now passed the running of the company over to Ms. Kelly Cooke and knowing that the Regal Empire group is now in good hands, Mark is concentrating on some new TV programmes.

I’m sure you will see Mark as the face of Pawn in the UK for many years to come.

Kelly has taken the rains to the company and as surrounded herself with an excellent team of professionals.

She is embarking on a tremendous business adventure. It is Kelly’s intention to open a Regal Empire store in every town across the UK, aiming for high footfall retail parks.

She has already negotiated a number of new stores, taking over the old Blockbuster, MFI and Comet sites spread over the UK.

Her aim is to provide you, the customer with the ultimate shopping experience in a competitively priced environment.

The Regal Empire group is also opening smaller pawn brokering sites, based in well established jewellery sites, all over the UK.

The future of the Regal Empire group is bright, not just for us but for you, the customer.