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Home of the Pawn Stars UK

Welcome to Regal Pawn, a local pawn shop on the outskirts of Chester. The stars of the show are owner Mark Manning, (aka Big Mark), his daughter Vicki, his best friend Little Mark, Simon and newbie Liam, this is the team of Regal Pawn.

As we all know, there is a bit more history here in the UK than in the US. It’s not their fault; we’ve just been around for longer! Accordingly, Pawn Stars UK will feature distinctly British items with a rich, historical heritage.

H & T Pawnbrokers

Need some cash but don’t really want to sell your special item?

Talk to H&T, Regal Pawns provider of pawnbroking services about a pawnbroking loan. Stores across the UK – find your local store here or visit our website